Top 5 Best Waist Trainers of 2020 [Reviews]

Top 5 Best Waist Trainers of 2020 [Reviews]

Waist Training is the practice of wearing a tight, corset-like wrap made of thick fabric and rigid plastic or metal boning used to create a classic hourglass figure. For centuries, women have used waist trainers to get the figure they desired. And now, thanks to modern technology and scientific advancements, the best Waist Trainers in the world are just a click away.

Who uses Waist Trainers?

Waist Trainers have grown in popularity over the last several years thanks to celebrities like Kim Kardashian West and Jessica Alba. When used in conjunction with a workout routine and healthy diet, waist trainers may help to give your body the push it needs to take the hourglass shape you’re striving for. 

Is a Waist Trainer Right for Me?

Whether you’re working out and dieting or just wearing a waist trainer around the house, Prowaist has the perfect option for you in our selection of bestselling, top-rated Waist Trainers. Women of every size, shape, and lifestyle are getting results from Waist Trainers, and you can, too.


Top 5 Best Selling Waist Trainers

1. ProwaistTM Workout Band Curve

    Diet and exercise are always the best strategies for weight loss and body shaping, but that doesn’t mean there is nothing you can do to accelerate the process. Wearing a Waist Trainer while you workout supports your core and can raise your body temperature to increase fat and calorie burning. 

    The ProwaistTM Workout Band Curve is designed to support your workout and get you the results you’re looking for. This Waist Trainer is perfect for anyone with back pain or problems. It supports a range of movements during your workout and compresses your abdominal to increase isometric benefits and fat-burning potential.

    The adjustable Velcro fastener is strong and flexible and the high-tension elastic body can be adjusted as loose or tight as you are comfortable with. As you continue to use the Workout Band Curve, you can tighten the band to continue training as you lose weight and your body begins to take the shape you want.

    Available in seven color options, you can choose one or more styles of the Workout Band Curve to match all of your workout attire. Or, just choose your favorite color to wear under your workout gear. The Workout Band Curve is slim and light, perfect for wearing over or under your clothing. Whatever your preference for workout support, the Workout Band Curve has an option for you.


    2. ProwaistTM Breathable Waist Trainer

    For the working person with no time to spare, the ProwaistTM Breathable Waist Trainer is the perfect option. Designed to be worn beneath the clothing without causing excess perspiration. Great for workouts, too, the Breathable Waist Trainer is especially effective for long-term and progressive tightening.

    This everyday garment comes in Ivory and Black to match your regular undergarments and fit comfortably under your clothing without being seen. This Waist Trainer is perfect for the person who wants to add slight, incremental tightening every day until they achieve their desired shape.

    Another advantage of the Breathable Waist Trainer is its continued effectiveness during the hottest summer months. Having an additional layer of clothing on and particularly one that is worn close and tight against your body can create challenges when the temperature goes up. The Breathable Waist Trainer is perfect for every season, ensuring that you aren’t sweating your way through the day, while still getting all of the benefits of waist shaping technology.


    3. ProwaistTM Abdominal High Compression Waist Trainer

      The ProwaistTM Abdominal High Compression Waist Trainer is the perfect piece for the person seeking maximum results in a minimum amount of time.

      This Waist Trainer is designed to get you the maximum result in a minimum amount of time. Useful during a workout that requires a high level of mobility and also designed to compress and raise body temperature in optimal zones immediately, this Waist Trainer will help you see the results you are looking for, fast!

      While the Abdominal High Compression Waist Trainer can be used while exercising, working, or relaxing at home, you may see particularly dramatic results post-partum. The skin-tightening effects of the high compression bodice and adjustable belt are perfect for regaining your shape after having a baby or experiencing a dramatic weight loss. 

      The zippered back of this Wait Trainer secures your posture and makes sure that your spine is aligned and in proper position while you train your abdomen and shape your waist. This garment is designed for optimal performance, so it is important than with other pieces to get an accurate waist measurement before integrating it into your daily routine.


      4. ProwaistTM Extreme Waist Trainer 3

        It’s not often that a product can offer instant results, but with the ProwaistTM Extreme Waist Trainer 3, you’ll get just that. You will immediately lose up to three sizes just by wearing your Extreme Waist Trainer 3. There are three additional rows of hook and eye closures for an even, secure transition to smaller sizes as your waistline takes shape.

        If you want lasting results, train your body into shape by wearing the Extreme Waist Trainer 3 for 6-8 hours a day, every day for four weeks. In just a month, you may lose up to four inches from your waistline, and your body can begin to take on the hourglass shape you’ve been striving for.

        The Extreme Waist Trainer 3 comes in a full range of sizes for every body type from XS to 6XL. Simply follow the training program at each tier of your current size and then replace your Extreme Waist Trainer 3 with the next size down, as you get smaller and smaller. 

        The FlexiBoning rods shape your body while allowing the flexibility you need to move comfortably and with ease. The Extreme Waist Trainer 3 has a latex and cotton bodice that ramps up the thermal fat- and calorie-burning temperatures at your core while providing even compression to give you a flat stomach. Whether you use this Waist Trainer as daily shapewear or as a body-shaping solution, you’re sure to get satisfying results.


        5. ProwaistTM Extreme Waist Trainer Hook Black

          When going out to a special event or occasion, nothing says class, sophistication, and sexiness like a little black dress. The ProwaistTM Extreme Waist Trainer Hook Black is the perfect undergarment to give you smooth, sexy curves under your favorite eveningwear.

          Made in Colombia, this waist trainer comes in a full range of sizes from XS to 5XL and is designed specifically for long-term, daily use, to get the body of your dreams. Not only is the Extreme Waist Trainer functional as a piece of shapewear, but it also works to train your body gradually, while keeping you comfortable and letting you move easily and freely.

          With three additional rows of hook and eye closures, you will be able to adjust your waist trainer as your waist begins to shrink and your body takes shape. The latex liner will increase your core body temperature to facilitate accelerated fat-burning while forming your body into the curvaceous shape you desire. This Waist Trainer is made of 100% all-natural latex, for lang-lasting wear and effectiveness whether your training a few days a week or daily for several months. 

          The long torso will smooth your figure from bust to hips, making this a piece of shapewear you can wear with any garment with beautiful, natural-looking results. No matter what your shapewear goals or waist training needs, the Extreme Waist Trainer Hook Black will give you results.


          As shapewear technology improves, we have more control than ever over the shape and size our bodies will take. Prowaist is proud to offer a variety of the best selling and top performing waist trainers in the world. It is an honor to help our clients achieve the bodies of their dreams and we will continue to offer only the best quality products to continue doing so. 

          Please read out thousands of customer reviews to see why our waist trainers keep them coming back to get the body they want and maintain their perfect shape, once they have it. Share your Prowaist Waist Trainer experience by writing a review of your favorite product and help bring these incredible waist training tools to everyone who has been looking for the perfect body-shaping solution to fit their unique needs. 

          Shapewear is a personal choice, and we take pride in offering a personal experience with a community to share stories, get advice from, and recommend products to. Thank you for being a part of our community and we hope you find the perfect waist trainer to watch your body take the shape you want.