How I Got In Love With The Best UK Body Shapers

How I Got In Love With The Best UK Body Shapers


Over the years, I am truly a fan of shapewears. It greatly helped me with my body issues, especially on my butt. Honestly, I do not have the most flattering butt area, I even struggle wearing jeans, and those hugging dresses that accentuate and flaunt your shape. It really sucks to look at me in the mirror, because it doesn’t fit me well, particularly on my butt area where it lays flat all over. I even stopped looking at the mirror and stopped wearing jeans and dresses that drew attention to my butt. I felt hopeless during those times.

Then I discovered the wonder of the butt lifter, I wished I knew it sooner and saved myself from all the drama and self-loathing about how bad my figure looks. I am starting to see the changes in my shape when I started to wear the butt lifter a couple of months ago. I use it every day and I am very impressed on how it feels light and breathable even after a whole day of wearing it. The material is very smooth and soft as well, very elastic and it gives me the perfect fit and support for my butt area. Plus it feels like you are not wearing any shapewear at all. It is such an amazing product.

Even my close friends and colleagues at work started to notice the difference in my shape. They praised me how my behind looks better than before, they even thought I  did a surgery about it. I am very proud of this butt lifter, it really helped me overcome my greatest problem, and it really shaped my butt area over the months of using it. Incredible results for a short period of time. My butt area is firm now, and well rounded. It really enhanced my butt area beautifully, and naturally. I can really see the difference before and after using this buttlifter. It saved me from going to a cosmetic surgeon. Thanks to this wonderful product, I can now wear any jeans and dresses that I like without the guilt, and the shame. It also helped improve my self-confidence and now I am starting to love my body again. Absolutely the best product in the world, I will still continue to use this butt lifter for a long period of time.  

Elenny Darson