About us

Welcome to ProWaist!

We are a company committed to providing solutions. When you want to feel good about your body and yourself many would recommend diets and exercise routines. We know that it takes time (that seems forever) to get the shape you want. And what about here and now? If you want to boost your self-confidence and befriend your body now, we have the solution. A quick solution. Easy and painless.

  • Let’s say you want to wear that fancy dress for a special occasion and it’s not very flattering with your shape right now. We have a product that will change things in the blink of an eye. In fact, we have a whole collection, just choose the shapewear that works best for you. You’ll be comfortable and confident in your dress in no time… You’re welcome.


  • Did you just sign up in the gym and don’t want to see yourself in those giant mirrors with a flabby belly? We have a line of waist trainers specially designed for the workout routine. They even help you keep a good posture and burn more fatty tissue in the waist area. You’ll start training looking good already! You can thank us later, don’t worry about that now. Just go to the workout waist trainers section.


  • Have you given birth recently? Congratulations! You’ve been blessed with a precious child. You’re very proud of it and everybody has already fallen in love with the little angel. But probably your body doesn’t feel that blessed just now, does it? You are probably still feeling discomfort and some pain. Your whole body is struggling to go back to normal and the most difficult job is for all the muscles and tissue in the waistline. By wearing a waist trainer you’ll speed up the healing process of the torn muscles and you’ll also be helping your uterus shrinking back to its regular size. If you had a c-section, the waist trainer will relieve the pain while protecting the incision and alleviating the swelling. Shhh… don’t celebrate so loudly! The baby is sleeping…


  • Are your breast giving you back pain? Usually, women with large bustline experience discomfort and back pains due to the weight the spine has to balance. Our waist trainers provide great support in the bust area distributing the weight evenly in your upper torso. Look here!


  • Are you reading this on your phone or laptop? Mind your posture! You’re slouching into the screen! Don’t worry, we also have a solution for that. Our waist trainers provide additional support to your back, helping you keep a correct posture while sitting or standing. You wish you had had one of these before? Yeah… we all do. Cheers to that.

See? We provide solutions for your problems here and now. All you need is just a few clicks away. Enjoy your stay at our store! You’ll find more than what you came in looking for.