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Our prowaist™ - Sweat Sauna Shaper Vest utilizes a heat-trapping polymer texture to boost your normal body warmth and invigorate sweating with any sort of physical activity. Wearing this product produce a humid sauna-like feeling while worn while working out, doing everyday tasks, or even at work. This does not only will it make you sweat in workouts, but it will also provide slight compression on your stomach, and you may wear it under compression shirts to provide back support and perfect posture. 

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Customer Reviews

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Richard Sparno
I had been looking for a way to get in shape, but I didn't have the time or money.

That is when I found this product and it was perfect for me! It helped me stay motivated and not lose focus on my goals.

I am a big fan of fitness.

I love going to the gym and working out as often as possible. But even though I work hard, my stomach still sticks out more than I would like it too. So when I found this product called Sweat Sauna Shaper Vest that promised me a toned tummy after just one use, it sounded too good to be true! And sure enough, the next day when I woke up my stomach was no different then before!

Lori P.
I am a fitness fanatic and I do not want to let my body go to waste.

So, I bought the Sweat Sauna Shaper Vest which is supposed to help me stay fit even when I'm on the go. It's a great buy because it helps shape your body while you sweat away!

Darius W.
I really love my Sweat Sauna Shaper Vest.

I use it all the time and it's been a lifesaver for me. It works great for giving me that little extra push to shed those last few pounds of fat, but also does wonders for my posture as well.

Jenna N.
I have been using the Sweat Sauna Shaper Vest for about a week now and I am really impressed.

It is comfortable, easy to use, and it does not make me sweat too much like some of the other products out there. The best thing about this product is that it actually works!

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