prowaist™ - Neoprene Waist Thigh Trainer

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Look Slimmer & Sexier with this prowaist™ - Neoprene Waist Thigh Trainer

Instant Hourglass Shape, Effortless and Beautiful Curve

This prowaist™ - Neoprene Waist Thigh Trainer provides targeted compression and heat preservation that helps in reducing water weight, fast burning of excess fats around your waist and thighs.

It is made of ultra-thick, latex-free neoprene material. In addition to that it increases heat and sweat production in the area. Easily shapes your waistline, forms your thighs, supports lower back and corrects posture.

A Sexy and Curvier Body Shape Is Within Your Reach

Try our prowaist™ - Neoprene Waist Thigh Trainer


  • Lightweight and highly durable material.
  • 100% flexible and very comfortable to wear.
  • Contours your body naturally.
  • High quality neoprene material.

*Perfect for everyday use.
*Can be used during workout sessions, aerobics, yoga, running and other daily exercises.

Size Chart: A detailed size chart which is in centimeters and inches is provided for you to check the best size for you.

Size Chart

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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
I love my waist and thigh trainer.

I've been able to get back into shape and I feel so good about myself. It's easy to wear, it's comfortable, and it's affordable.

The Neoprene Waist Thigh Trainer is a great buy!

I've been wearing it to the gym, and my thighs have slimmed down significantly. It's so easy to wear that I hardly notice it at all.

I love my Neoprene Waist and Thigh Trainer!

I wear it every day to work. It's so comfortable, and it really does help me feel more confident about myself.

I'm not the kind of person who likes to go to the gym.

I have a busy life and all my time is taken up with work, family, and friends. But then I found this product that has helped me get in shape without having to spend hours at the gym or take days off from work. It's great because it gives you a full body workout while you're on your way home from work or shopping for groceries!

Ramira Stein
I would recommend it to anyone who wants to tone up their midsection!

I was really skeptical about this product, but I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and I am pleasantly surprised. It is comfortable to wear and has helped me lose weight in my stomach area.

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