prowaist™ - Abdominal High Compression Waist Trainer

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Experience enhanced body shaping with Prowaist™ Abdominal High Compression Waist Trainer. Crafted from premium neoprene, this multi-layered trainer intensifies sweating, minimizes fat around the midsection and sculpts your figure. The compression not only flattens your abdomen but also supports your back, improves posture and all with the convenience of a zipper.

The waist trainer ensures freedom of movement without the worry of rolling down. Adjustable compression levels cater to your comfort while its design stimulates thermal activity, lifts under the bust, and offers immediate tummy control.

Discover the benefits of prowaist™ - Abdominal High Compression Waist Trainer

Key Features:

  • Innovative closure system for easy adjustment and secure fit.
  • Crafts a sleek silhouette suitable for everyday wear.
  • Enhances thermal activity and provides a subtle under-bust lift.
  • Delivers targeted abdominal compression and reinforces lumbar support.

Versatile Uses:

  • Ideal for daily wear, whether at work or leisure.
  • Suitable for fitness activities, gym sessions, or relaxation in a sauna.

Size Guide: Our comprehensive size chart, provided in both centimeters and inches, ensures a perfect fit for every body shape.

Size Chart

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Customer Reviews

Based on 787 reviews
I love my waist trainer.

It's helped me get a flatter stomach in just two weeks!

I love it.

It's a great workout band for me to use when I'm at home and can't get to the gym. It's actually really easy to put on and take off, so it doesn't interrupt my day. Plus, you don't need any equipment or anything else - just yourself!

I love my waist trainer.

It's so comfortable, and I can wear it 24/7 with no problem. My abs are looking great!

Barbara Fraser

I have been using the Abdominal Compression Waist Trainer for a few weeks now and it has really helped me to slim down. I'm not sure how they do it, but this waist trainer is so comfortable that I forget that I am even wearing it.

I am so happy with my purchase!

I love the way that it is slimming and shaping me. It has also given me more confidence in myself as a woman.

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