prowaist™ - Underwear Shaper Booty

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Look Slimmer & Sexier with this prowaist™ - Underwear Shaper Booty 

Instant Hourglass Shape, Effortless and Beautiful Curve

This prowaist™ - Underwear Shaper Booty features a seamless compression cut design to ensure   comfort   and   versatile   fit.   Perfect   for   everyday   use   and   can   remain   dry,breathable and sweat-free all day long. 

It is designed with high performance of permeability making it comfortable and will never leave any marks on your skin. Enhances your butt, giving it more shape and curve. It Also helps in shaping your hips more naturally. 

A Sexy and Curvier Body Shape Is Within Your Reach 

Try our prowaist™ - Underwear Shaper Booty 

  • Reduces and maintains the firmness on your waistline
  • It shapes your butt perfectly, making it fuller.
  • High quality lace and spandex material.

*Perfect for everyday use and other special occasions. 

Size Chart: A detailed size chart which is in centimeters and inches is provided for you to check the best size for you.
Size Chart

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Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Nancy Russell
I am going to be honest.

I was skeptical when I first saw my product, but then I tried it on and WOW! It really does work. The best part is that you can wear it with ANY type of clothing or undergarments. You will not know you have it on until someone tells you about the amazing difference in your butt! I would recommend this product for anyone who wants to feel confident in their clothes.

I absolutely love my new underwear shaper.

It's so comfortable that I don't even notice it when it's on! And the best part is, every time I wear it, I feel like a million bucks because of how good my booty looks in jeans and tight clothes.

Tyler S

I bought this product because I was looking for something to make my butt look bigger. It did just that, and it's really comfortable too! I've been wearing it every day since I got it, and I don't see myself stopping anytime soon.

Jackie Lopez
I have always been self-conscious about my butt.

I can't wear anything that is tight or doesn't cover it up, because people will stare and judge me for not wearing underwear. But then I found this product! It's so easy to use and comfortable to wear. Now I don't feel judged by the stares of others when they see my butt walking down the street.

Love it!

It has given me the confidence I need to wear tight clothing and not worry about how my butt looks. The best part is that it's so comfortable, you don't even know it's there!

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