prowaist™ - Super Slim Panty Shorts

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Look Slimmer & Sexier with this prowaist™ - Super Slim Panty Shorts 

Instant Hourglass Shape, Effortless and Beautiful Curve

This prowaist™ - Super Slim Panty Shorts offers you the best fit and comfort all in one product. Excellent tummy compression and gives you a sexy silhouette naturally. It easily tuck in your belly fats and firms your behind perfectly. 

It is also tightens your thighs naturally and forming your body to a curvier and sexierone. This shapewear is highly breathable and comfortable for everyday use. It does not easily rolls down and gives you excellent compression. 

A Sexy and Curvier Body Shape Is Within Your Reach

Try our prowaist™ - Super Slim Panty Shorts 

  • Provides firm shaping and control
  • Control tummy and thigh slimming 360 degrees waist shaping garment
  • Highly elastic and breathable material. 
*Perfect for everyday use and other special occasions.

*Can be used during workout sessions, aerobics, yoga, running and other daily exercises. 

Size Chart: A detailed size chart which is in centimeters and inches is provided for you to check the best size for you.
Size Chart

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Customer Reviews

Based on 66 reviews
And it doesn't move around while you're exercising either.

I was looking for some new underwear to wear when I'm running, and then I found this. It's so comfortable!

Nola Rasmussen

I would recommend this product for anyone who wants a slimmer silhouette or just feels like they need some extra support.

I love my Super Slim Panty Shorts.

They are so comfortable and they make me look thinner than ever before. I can wear them with anything, from a skirt to jeans, and they always look great!

Emma Fleming
They fit perfectly and they look great too.

I am a girl who likes to wear skirts and dresses, but I always have trouble with the fact that my legs are constantly exposed. This is not a problem anymore! With this product from Prowaist, I can now wear whatever skirt or dress I want without having to worry about exposing myself. The best part is that these Super Slim Panty Shorts are so comfortable, they feel like you're wearing nothing at all!

Danika Perez

I never thought that I would need a product like this, but after my baby was born, I realised that my old underwear just wasn't cutting it. My post-baby body needed something more supportive and comfortable than what I had been wearing before the pregnancy. That's when I found these super slim panty shorts with an elastic waistband! They were perfect for me because they are seamless and don't show any lines under clothing.

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